Friday, April 23, 2010

Steps, Steps, Steps. And More Steps.

You cannot escape the steps here in Montmartre. It is impossible. The "village" (as the locals refer to it) was built on a Butte (hill), actually several Buttes. And it's steep, and ingenious, and exhausting. And it gives me a great excuse to search for more baguettes. And as I just discovered, a local boulanger recently won the "best baguette in the city" award, which is a very big deal. And to work off all those carbs, I walked the steps, up and down, down and up. Here's just a sampling of the steps I walked today.

Sacre Couer, the church at the top of the butte. And the various steps to get there. I took several paths up and down. And back up.

The last photo is of the steps to my apartment. Yeah, looks a lot easier than it is.

And since I was supposed to tackle the Metro today and didn't, I'm not going to make any promises for tomorrow. With one exception: I will have a baguette from the best boulangier in Paris now that I know he's just steps from my apartment.

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