Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finally Off My Butte!

Today I finally came down from my charming Butte Montmartre and into the City of Paris. And it was like entering a different world. First of all, it was warmer, a lot warmer. Yes, I know heat rises, but when you're an exposed Butte, need I say more? Plus, the city is protected by buildings and more Buttes, so the heat doesn't escape as easily.

The other thing I noticed right off? Prices! A baguette here in Montmartre is 1,05 euros (must figure out how to get that euro symbol), "down there," it was more than double. Double! An afternoon cafe here will run 2,80 euros, down there, 5 euros. But that's the price you pay to have the Eiffel Tower within view. Me? I'm very happy here on my Butte.

And the Metro? While I didn't change trains, it was as easy as I remembered. Albeit a bit nervous, I just watched everyone in front of me and did what they did. I bought the value "carnet" of 10 tickets. As long as you don't leave the station, you can pretty much ride the Metro forever on one ticket. Not that I plan on trying this.

I met my friend Stacey at Tuilleries today. She's here just until Tuesday morning, and it was so nice to see a familiar face! And I just adore Stacey! That's a really bad picture, but it was a give some credit where credit is due. I'm having lunch and dinner with Stacey and her friend Linda tomorrow, lunch will be wherever, dinner is at Le Tour Montparnasse. Very chic-chic.

First picture is the Musee d' Orsay. Second is the Pont Royale. Third is Stacey and me at Tuilleries. Fourth is the Louvre Metro station. Last is Place de la Concorde with, um, yeah, la Tour Eiffel in the background.

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