Saturday, April 17, 2010


I am grateful for so many things right now: I'm "stuck" at home, when I could have been stuck at an airport somewhere for days. My Paris landlords have been very understanding. I talked to her Friday morning and she sounds charming! I'm really looking forward to meeting them. No one has rented "my" apartment until the first week of June, so even if, heaven forbid, I won't even say it, there is some flexibility. The mere fact that I'm going on this trip is something I'm extremely grateful for. And very blessed.

And a huge, ginormous Thank You to Lex, for being so unbelievably flexible in watching the boys. Without you, Lex, I could never, ever take this on.

And Dallas, you the shit...and you know why!

So today, I went to the West Side Market. Bought some lovely French cheeses. And a bottle of French wine. And I'll just close my eyes and know that I will make it to Paris...very, very soon!

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