Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The New and the Old.

I finally made it to the Arab Institute. This is such a unique, technological, and sensitive building, I'm just honored to be able to visit. I wasn't able to capture the building in it's entirety, the close-ups of the lens panels,I hope,show the different lens positions, depending on the sun, which was hard to find today. But it was simply spectacular.

And from the newest achitechtural advances, I walked backward. To the ancient remains of the Romans in Paris (Lutece, as Paris was known in Roman times). These are the ancient ruins, from 2,ooo years ago!, of the arena in Paris that the Romans built. I know I may have a bit too many pictures of what you may think as stones, but wow! These stones were laid by human hands 2,000 years ago. And what of the cages? What certain death was held within those cages?

And is so my wont to do, I really tried to make my way back by retracing my steps. But, once again, I made a wrong turn. Regardless, much to my delight, my mistake had once again turned into a revelation! There, before me, stood the ancient tower (or what remains) of Lutece! I had found the only part of the ancient Roman wall that protected Paris. This wall is more than 2,000 years old!


  1. Those are really good shots. You get a new camera or something?

  2. Thanks, bg. I did get a new camera. Sony. Now I just need to find a back-up battery! Why did I not think of that?