Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dear Monsieur Construction Worker...

Thank you for reading my little blog! It's because of loyal readers like you that I'll get that book deal. Then Steven Spielberg will call, wanting to make the movie! And we'll both be famous!

But I think something got lost in the translation of my last letter to you. Edith Piaf. Not indulge in your high school fantasy of being the best drummer in the world. Because frankly, Monsieur Construction Worker, banging on pipes isn't really the same as banging on drums. Trust me on that one.

Think Edith Piaf. Not Keith Moon.

And either Antonio Banderas or Colin Firth would be the best choice to star as you in the movie version of this little misadventure of mine. Don't you think?

Merci. Bon jour.

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