Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Journey Begins

In three months and 16 days, the journey of my life begins!

Through all the researching in finding the apartment, the plans, preparations, the saving, there is still much to do! I've made lists of lists of things that must be done...from what to pack (I've created a Paris closet!), equipment to take (laptop, camera, phone, don't forget the flat iron), how to get that equipment to work (convertor/adaptor, adaptor/convertor, both, it' still on the list), preparing the house, and of course, the boys.

It's Sherlock and Watson that are creating the most anxiety for me. Although they will be in very good hands, I know I will worry about them constantly.
This is my apartment in Paris. This is where I will be home for Spring 2010!


  1. My sweetest LP,

    First, I'm so glad you've decided to document the journey of your life. This is such an important step for you: the beginning to something greater, you're bigger picture. And your boys, I'll be sure they are in good hands, don't you worry.

    And thanks again for making my Christmas so special this year. We'll see you on NYE!

    Love for you,

  2. lisa this is great, I'm extremely happy for you and looking forward to many more posts through your journey. all the best